Reiki Healing

Reiki Treatment

What is Reiki Healing?
Reiki is a universal life force energy, it can be used on everyone from animals, adults, children, and babies. You do not have to have spiritual beliefs for reiki to work. These sessions can be given either hands-on or distant. Before having a reiki session you will need to fill in a few forms regarding medical needs etc. You may be asked to lay on a couch or sit on a chair, where the healer will then decide which one is best for you to make sure you're comfortable. Before the session starts the healer will give a briefing of the areas that will be worked on. In this session you may feel cold, very relaxed, tingly, you may see colors or fall asleep. You may not feel anything at all but this does not mean that it has not worked. The reiki session will re-balance all your chakras. The energy comes from the palms of the hand and will work on all the areas that are needed. Reiki healing will stay with you long after your session.


Hands-On Reiki:
30 mins - £25.00                     45 mins  - £30.00                       60 mins - £35.00

Distant Reiki:                             Animal Reiki:                                  Pregnancy Reiki:
30 mins - £15.00                     £10.00                                         
30 mins - £20.00 

Reiki 0-18 Years:                       Reiki Parties:                                  Palliative Care Patients:
30 mins - £20.00                     £15.00 per person                      FREE

Hands-On Reiki:  30 mins - £25.00    /    45 mins  - £30.00    /    60 mins - £35.00

Distant Reiki:  30 mins - £15.00    


Animal Reiki:  £10.00

Pregnancy Reiki:  30 mins - £20.00 

Reiki 0-18 Years:  30 mins - £20.00   

Reiki Parties:  £15.00 per person 

Palliative Care:  FREE